Your favorite A-Z Walmart store has also jumped in the ring of e-commerce wrestling to celebrate this Thanksgiving day! You can grab the huge discount on everything you need, from home decor to personal decoration available at lower price than ever on this black Friday discount sale-2016!

Nowadays, everything has become online and hence Walmart now dived into the online store, particularly on the black Friday sale. Maybe, the fear of crew on the doorstep of Walmart can make them open a new online service. As the black Friday arrives, people have now become very aware and hence began to start surfing the net with the seed word of “Black Friday deals 2016.” Oh god! I am getting too technical on online, I will come back to deals and offers!

Experts Voice:

The experts and bloggers have revealed the secrets of this black Friday eve. They expect more than 79.6% of sale than normal days. Hence the shops will be live with the black Friday offers after an hour of Thanksgiving day!

According to the yesteryear stat, the experts provide the sale on the black Friday with 50%, but in the upcoming year, they expect higher sale percentile as there are many wrestlers on the e-commerce ring for 2016 Black Friday championship!

Release Dates of Ads & Live Black Friday Sale Commencing Time:

Yesteryear black Friday have fallen on the November 27 to November 30 and the release dates of ads were around November 11. But at this year 2016, as the customers are eager to grab the online sales of Walmart, Bestbuy, Target and other famous stores, they have started to release their ads on official forums and websites. So if you opt for their newsletters, sure, you would not be waiting for the rumors from your folks!


Your favorite Walmart store has promised their customers, that no other retailers can beat up their price on the black Friday discount sale of 2016. They also tell their customers to compare their prices and discount offers with other competitors before black Friday and save the money with Walmart! So compare the prices in the official website of Walmart and save huge amount on this Black Friday sale!

Best Buy:

Best buy is also the favorite grocery store among the crew of black Friday shoppers. They do good sales every year in all the groceries and mark their ledger note full of black on this black Friday sale. They start their black Friday sale earlier than Walmart and hence after the Thanksgiving day, they start their black Friday sale 2016 at 5pm of November 24!


Target black Friday sale of 2015 grabbed as many customers on their store with huge amounts of discount on wide variety of accessories. This year black Friday 2016 sale of target is expected to be announced on November 8, 2016. Sure, after the release dates of Target, I would intimate you folks.

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So, please opt for the blog and get the offers on your inbox and know more about the best deals of black Friday 2016!