X-ray fish, the species commonly known as X-fish tetra due to highly and amazing transparent body. It is one of the most beautiful animals that start with X. It is the small schooling fish and found or lives in Amazon River’s waters in Southern America. X-Ray Tetra is also known as Golden Pristella Tetra. They were first explained by Ulrey in 1894 and today X-ray Tetra is the most popular fish and also kept in artificial aquariums. This is the only known species in its genus. It is very close related to other colorful and smooth American fishes and also 100 other Tetra species exist in the world.

Facts about X-Ray Tetra:

  • Kingdom: The kingdom of X-Ray Tetra is Animalia.
  • Class: Belongs to Actinopterygii
  • Order: Within an order of
  • Family: The Family is Characidae.
  • Genus: Followed by the Pristella Species.
  • Lifestyle: Their lifestyle is Diurnal.
  • Water types: Brackish and Fresh.
  • Common Name: The common name is X-Ray Tetra.
  • Other Names: X-Ray Tetra other names are Water goldfinch, Golden Pristella Tetra.
  • Group: The domestic group is Fish (animal).
  • Specific Name: Its Specific name is Pristella Maxilllaris.
  • Colors: White, Black, Yellowish, and Silver colors.
  • Skin Type: X-Ray Tetra has Scale type of skin.
  • Size: The size is almost 3.3 cm to 5.5 cm or 1.7 inches to 1.9 inches.
  • Diet: Their diet is Omnivore.
  • Prey: They fed on Insects, worms, and small Crustaceans.
  • Predators: Their Predators are Frogs, birds, and Larger Fish.
  • Species: Number of species is 1.
  • Location: Locations are Guyana, Brazil, and Venezuela.
  • Habitat: Amazon Coastal Fresh Waters
  • Incubation Period: Almost 24 hours
  • Average Spawn Size: Approximately 350
  • Optimum PH Level:
  • Sexual Age of Maturity: 5 to 8 months.
  • Life Span: Almost 2 to 5 Years.
  • Biggest Threat: Water Pollution is the biggest threat for X-Ray Tetra Fish.

Distribution and Habitat:

The X-Ray fish is found in Amazonian Coastal waters of Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela and Guiana in Southern America. They inhabit tributaries and clear water or clear water streams.This is very different from other species of tetra and they are able to live in harder brackish water which is closer to the coast, and also in freshwater environments. The X-ray tetra fish is a move into the flooded areas or marshlands where the water is more acidic and softer. In the wet season, the X-Rat tetra fish breed and they have water conditions and abundance of food.

X-Ray Tetra Appearance:

X-Ray Tetra has a beautiful transparent skin and their backbone is clearly seen. The scales of X-Ray tetra are faint silver yellowish color and looking almost golden in few lights. It has re-tipped tail and anal fins that are white, black and yellow in color. They are small species of Fish and that actually has a bony structure called Weberian Apparatus. The X-Ray tetra is very intelligent species of animals that start with X. It has a sense to picking sounds waves and acute sense of hearing. Female X-Ray fishes are larger and rounder in shape than males. However, they are very similar in appearance.