Traveling is fun, but it is also expensive. That’s probably why fads like “staycations” have become so popular. People take time off of work with their families, they call it a vacation, but they simply don’t leave their house for fear for breaking their monthly budget. Keep in mind, just because you are going to a high-end expensive city like Paris or New York, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. There are so many ways to experience the world without spending an arm and a leg. Below is a list of eight simple tips to traveling and taking a family vacation without breaking the bank!


  1. Travel at the cheapest times. There are peak travel times just with any transit. Find the best times to fly so you can save money on your ticket. This might be a bit more difficult if you have children, but if you save the vacation until the summer time you at least have an extended period of time in which to travel somewhere.
  2. Travel in low season. Like with anywhere, there are on and off season rates. Planning a trip to Ireland? Go in November. While it might be a little chilly, you can warm up knowing you save a ton of money!
  3. Bring your own food on board the plane and shop at a market when you get to your destination. Pack snacks for when you are out and about, and have some ready-meals back in your hotel room so you don’t have to eat out the entire time.
  4. Home swaps. This is a great option if you can’t afford a nice hotel. If you prefer a hotel, then be sure to check out discount sites before you book yours.
  5. Save on foreign currency exchange. Do it in the airport, they usually have the best rates.
  6. Weigh your bags before you leave. $50 per bag adds up quickly, so make sure your bags are underweight.
  7. Travel in a group. The more people you travel with, the better the savings. You can chip in on the rental car, excursions, food, and the hotel and split it between your arge group. Plus, you will have more fun with a big group!
  8. Check out coupon sites. There are so many options to saving on hotels, cars, even accessories, that it’s a wonder people ever pay full price anymore!