When you go to the big cities that are located in Morocco it is not common to hire a tour guide. You can easily get around the city without getting lost and in case you need a direction, you just ask to someone who seems nice; there is not a big problem if you are an independent traveler. If you do Morocco tour  most of the times you will be around many people and you will have your own tour guide so this is a big advantage and the difference between traveling alone and with a tour guide. If you travel alone there are going to be some places like mountains or desert in which you will need a tour guide, it is hard to get through these places alone and you can easily get lost. So, if you are thinking about hiring a Tour Guide there are some recommendations to take when you are in the trip.

If you hire the tour guide it means you are giving him money to offer a service and you need to feel comfortable. If the tour guide is a part of the Tour Morocco you need to feel comfortable too. So if you need something like taking a picture, going to the bathroom or you are feeling dizzy tell that to your tour guide! You are the boss and they are offering a service that should please you, so do not be afraid. If you are not feeling well or sick, bring that and tell it to your Tour Guide. Going through mountains or long distances is not for everyone and it is common to feel bad during the trip.


If you are hungry, you can request light lunches to your Tour Guide. Even though hotels offer you a menu with light food, during the trip you may feel hungry so it is a good recommendation to ask to your tour guide to a stop in one restaurant in which cheap meals are offered: you are going to feel powerful after eating something delicious and you will continue your trip. Another thing to take into account deals with money, if you see a cash machine, take cash. This is going to be really important for smaller cities in which only cash is accepted or in some small restaurants.

Take advantage of the opportunity and learn some Arabic! Tour Guides commonly speak English but when we are in a foreign country we appreciate those people who speak our native language and Moroccans think the same. Try to practice some daily phrases about Moroccan dialect or practice your Arabic with the Tour guide, you will improve your language skills and if you think about it; there is no better way than practicing the language with a native speaker!

In my opinion, the greatest thing about having a tour guide are: perfect pictures with special people. If you travel alone, you will not have someone to take pictures of you in the best places of Morocco, but if you travel in group with a Tour Guide you can ask him to take pictures of you with your group in amazing places, you will capture the great landscapes and your new friends. Also, do not feel ashamed of inviting your Tour Guide to join the picture, it is going to be really funny!

As a last recommendation, talk to your Tour Guide. Even though he is working, he is also open to have friendly conversation and it will make the trip less heavy so take that into account.