Boxer dogs are now adopted by a lot of people, and they are getting bigger and need proper care. People who do not know proper diet plan for boxer cannot keep them healthy. They need protein in their diet because of their big size and daily activates. There is a different diet plan for different age of boxer.


What should you feed your boxer?

You can make food for your dog at home that is mostly meat of beef because boxer needs more protein and carbs than other dogs. That is the basic reason behind their size and their power that they are good at diet. You need to take proper care of your dog if you want to keep it healthy. The best meal for boxer is
• 40% meat,
• 50% vegetable
• 10% carbs
You see vegetables are in higher amount because they are full of proteins and carbs. You can use different vegetables daily to keep your dog interested in the food. If you give same food daily, then your dog might get bored of the food. That is why here are two meals that you can prepare at home for your dog. See post for more information on Feeding Your Adult Boxer.

Chekiang and vegetables

Chicken is a good way of proteins and carbs that are why you can make it at home and feed it to your dog, but you must keep it at proper heat and cook it well.
• Take half pound chicken and boil properly until its internal temperature hits 150 degree
• On other side boil vegetable of your choice
• Mix chicken and vegetable together in a bowl
Beef and vegetables
You can also cook beef if you want and mix with vegetable beef is also full of vitamins, proteins, and carbs. You can take vegetables of your choice and mix them with beef.
• Take half a pound of meat of beef and boil it till its internal temperatures reaches 150 degree
• Boil eggs and vegetables of your choice mostly tomatoes and potatoes
• Mix beef, eggs, and vegetables in a bowl and feed it to your dog
Importance of water
Your dog needs water in a large amount, and fresh water will be healthier. Water is the basic need of all the living organisms, and it is as much important to dogs as much to humans. Especially in summers, you should keep it in mind your dog needs more water. Boxers are more likely to run around and jump. That gets their body dehydrated, and you would not notice that. To keep your dog active you must keep him hydrated. You should not focus on Feeding Your Adult Boxer. The thing that is going to help them digest meals and take food to their whole body is water. Give them fresh food, fresh water, and fresh air. You must not keep them inside the house and would not let them go out. You should take them outside which will make them happy, and they will be more relax with you