Tigre Uno was born on April 4, 1981 and made his wrestling debut in 1998. He is a professional wrestler (Mexican) and currently signed with the TNA (total nonstop action). Tiger Uno is a wrestler who has come from another country to gain success for his career. He is the new recruitment in the main roster where he has proven that in English ring he can be the same as he performs in his own ring. He is a high flyer and does those moves that normal wrestler can only imagine of doing. There are so many foreigner wrestlers come and gone but no one could stick the way he has and proven that he has the capability to survive in American ring. He is considered as mid card player who has wrestled with so many young guys and showing his talent that how much capable he is in the squared circle.

tigre uno

  • What he has accomplished in his career so far?

1) He is a onetime TNA X Division champion

2) Two times AAA cruiserweight champion

3) Three times AAA world tag team champion

  • How he started his early career?

He started his early career by wearing a tigre mask at the age of 17 and competed in his hometown local wrestling faction like (WWA), and (DTU) from where he learn hardcore style of wrestling and then made an approach by going to the AAA watch wrestling outside the region.

  • How was his AAA journey?

Tigre Uno participated there for almost 6 years and win championships and competing with so many western wrestlers and polishing his wrestling moves even more which eventually worked very well for him and then he made his way to the western side.

  • Will TNA be able to help push his career further?

Ever since he made his debut in the roster he has found himself in those matches who have always pushed his career further. He has certainly made a name in the TNA and will belong here for very long time and soon becomes a top rated superstar in future. watch wrestling online  and upcoming show in which bill Goldberg will be live on this Monday Night Raw.

  • Why fans liked him so much?

There isn’t foreigner wrestler who has won the hearts of fans but he is the guy who did that and fans of all ages liked him because the persona he has wearing a mask like a tiger is quite entertaining.

  • What about his present condition in the company?

Right now he is inactive from the wrestling and hasn’t appeared for one month due an injury. Let’s hope he will make his return soon in the roster.