For as long as I can remember, we have been told, as a child, to eat a lot of fruits to keep us healthy – mostly coming from our parents and other grownups. And, it is absolutely a hundred percent true. Some of us might actually hate these colorful treats, but if you’re going to the gym frequently, it might be best to start loving some of them as they can boost your performance and hoist your strength.

Why do you have to love these fruits when you’re frequently training at the gym? This is because fruits – especially the ones on the list – can increase your recovery and improve your performance. You will feel your youth surging back into you and you will have full energy to lift and complete your workout.


The first on our list are strawberries. They’re easy and extremely cheap during summer, they are also very delicious. This red plump sweet and sour fruit are full of vitamin C; they are also rich in phenolic compounds that are basically active antioxidants. Regular consumption of Strawberries is an effective way to flush out free radicals, a perfect sweet treat that’s actually a detoxification agent. Because strawberries will cleanse the body, you will recover faster from workouts and with its nutrition, lifting will be a bit easier than without it. You can have this fruit as your time to time snack, or simply slush them together with your protein shakes.


The watermelon is one of the most famous fruits for its thirst-quenching properties and its one of a kind flavor. There may be some people arguing about how healthy it actually is due to its sugar content, most experts still agree that it is full of essential nutrient. Why this fruit is part of the list is because of its citrulline, which has proven to provide enhance blood flow – optimizing your performance inside the gym. It is a great pre-workout snack that will help you achieve any high-intensity workout. It also has been a great aid to relieve from muscle soreness and fatigue. Though, sugar is indeed a bit of an issue for some, it only actually is if you consume the whole melon. Watermelon is 99% water and a hefty bowl of it is quite enough, just providing you 9 grams of sugar is never going to be an issue.


Last but definitely not least is the exotic fruit, Kiwi. This brown colored fruit that’s green on the inside has a near complete set of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in vitamin K, B, C, iron, and calcium. It is one of the most impressive nutritional fruits that exist today. However, vitamins are not its most powerful trait. Studies have shown that this fruit is able to give you a very nice sleep when consumed 2 hours before going to bed. Thus, it will give you a straight wonderful rest after an intensely painful workout that will surely hasten your recovery.


These fruits are surely a wonderful aid to your goals. But, let it hopefully be clear that they should not be abused or you will suffer an unwanted result. Just remember, too much of anything – even how awfully good it is – is bad. So, just eat the right amount and always count your calories intake, just include them in your diet as a snack and you will do just fine.