If you are looking for an assisted living then you may not be completely aware of what assisted living actually means and what does it offer. Though, it is easy to just assume the idea that assisted living facilities are some kind of retirement or nursing homes. But actually, they are not just a normal form of institutional nursing homes as a few decades ago, some senior care professionals thought of a place where nursing could be provided to the seniors without the dreary and institutional environment. This is how the assisted living was born.

Now here we Stacy’s Helping Hand www.stacyshelpinghand.com are sharing with you some of the facts that you need to know about assisted living facilities before choosing one for your family or loved ones.

Every Assisted Living Offers a Unique Personality

Not all assisted living facilities are equal as there are distinctions among them in every aspect. The varying levels of care vary depend upon the community’s licensing. Aside from that, the look and feel of the communities is also different from each other.

  • Some facilities offer lighter care, while others can even offer care for those who are bedridden.
  • Some facilities may be firmly grounded in mid-century modern styles, while others have art deco décor.
  • Some facilities have more home-like ambiance, while others have formal design sensibility.
Happy smiling senior couple playing cards together at home
Happy smiling senior couple playing cards together at home

Assisted Living is Not Synonymous with Nursing Homes

You may think the nursing homes are good for your ailing loved one but actually the assisted living facility is the best-suited choice for them. There are certain distinctions between these two that clearly differentiate them apart.

  • Assisted living offers independence with help in routine personal care, such as dressing etc, while the nursing homes provide all day assistance with every daily living activity.
  • Assisted living offers mobility, while nursing homes only take bedridden residents.
  • Assisted living offers one-bedroom apartments or studios, while the nursing home provides semi-private rooms.

Assisted Living Offers Dementia Care

There are multiple assisted living facilities, which provide Alzheimer’s memory care programs in order to improve the quality of life for the residents. Usually, the patients with early stages live along with the regular population, but when the condition worsens, they are transitioned into specified memory care area.

Assisted Living Provides Culturally Diverse Options

There are an increasing number of assisted living facilities that meet the different religious, dietary, language-based and cultural needs of the resident population. Some communities celebrate Muslim and Jewish holidays along with serving their religious foods. Similarly, their languages are spoken too as the already trained staff is hired that can efficiently communicate with the residents in their preferred language.

Assisted Living Costs are Reasonable

In geographic areas, the cost of assisted living facilities is less than that of the nursing homes. This can be better understood by the fact that the low-income residents are allowed to live in assisted living.  Most of the residents pay the bills from their personal financial resource and now more seniors are interested in purchasing long-term insurance that helps in planning and financing their needs. Along with that, the wartime veterans are offered VA benefits and these communities come up with creative financing plans to make the care more affordable.