French Manicure nail designs consider the most common and popular nail art ideas in all over the world, especially in the United States of America. Women like to use French Manicure nail art ideas in their daily life. Also, it is a common trend to use French manicure nail art designs on wedding occasions. My name is Chris Bennett and I am a beautician. I have been working in this field since 2010. In this blog post, I would talk about various French manicure nail designs, which are probably used in all over the world, especially in the United States of America.

  • Classic French Manicure Nail Designs

Classic French manicure nail designs show a light pink or nude base coat color on the fingernails followed by bright white nail polish. Almost, every salon is well familiar with this nail art design and provides its services to many people on a daily basis.  You may also ask about to add a bit more glamour to this nail art design.


  • Use of Gems and Stones

Another popularly used French manicure nail art idea is the use of gems and stones on the fingernails. This add, actually shows a tiny touch of sparkle to your manicure nail art designs. After that when you add various stone designs on your fingernails as per your dress, matching and requirements, it comes with the complete perfect look, if you have any issues to do it yourself please take help of Asian Bridal Looks.

  • Nail Art Tattoos

Another popular French manicure nail designs are use of nail art tattoos on the fingernails. These are probably transferred on the fingernails directly by the printed designs. No doubt is very easy to use to finger nail art design. You just need to set your finger base coat first. After that you may easily drop these nail art tattoos on your fingernails from the printed form. Don’t forget to give the touch of final coat to your nails.

  • Nail Art Piercing

Another popular French manicure nail art idea is the use of nail piercing technique. This nail art idea is applied to the artificial nails, which women later used on their actual fingernails. This is really a useful way to make your hands more attractive by using such unique ideas. Almost, every woman takes the help of a nail art piercing technique at once in her life. French Manicure nail designs are typically done in the nail art salons, but they are also practicable at home.