Their Day As Special As You Are

As we all know the fact that every country in the world has some beautiful native flowers and Spain is no exception at all. Spain is a country which is located in southwestern Europe and also shares the borders with France, Portugal, Andorra, Morocco and Gibraltar. Spain is best known for its multiple beautiful beaches and its warm and sunny weather. You can simply find flowers of various shapes, sizes and colors in Spain. That’s why people living in foreign countries prefer to send flowers to Spain on different occasions to make their day special and unforgettable.

Some of the popular flowers of Spain are discussed below.

Consider Spanish bluebell before you send flowers to Spain:

The Spanish bluebell is the most popular flower of Spain and looks quite amazing. As the name suggests, the flower is simply shaped like a beautiful bell. It also hangs down from its stem just like the bell. You can find a dozen such ‘bells’ hanging from single stem. The flower has a wonderful blue color. So of you are looking to amaze your loved ones, then you can choose to send flowers to Spain and consider blue bells from reliable online florists in Spain.


Choose pomegranate flower when you plan to send flowers to Spain:

Although in Spanish culture the pomegranate plant is quite popular for its nutritious fruit, its flowers also look much stunning and beautiful. This flower grows alone or sometimes in groups of two or three. Its beautiful petals can be crimson, orange or sometimes pure white but most of the times, they are bright red. So because of their vibrant appearance, people prefer to find flowers in Spain to give their loved ones on some special occasions. It can make their day bright as well as unforgettable.

Choose Spain’s official flower on different memorable occasions

Red carnation is an official flower of Spain. And the country is most popular for its red carnations and this flower has also a very special place in Spanish folklore. It is also considered as a religious symbol that is associated with the Crown of Thorns Jesus wore. This also symbolizes your passionate love and is thus exchanged between two lovers. So if your special ones are living in Spain, then you can order flowers online and consider red carnation for your women as she can wear this flower in their hair which looks beautiful.

Send Valencia Rose; symbol of love

The Valencia rose is actually much similar to the regular rose in its appearance but is also quite larger in size. It is deep red in color but also have pale orange and yellow varieties.  It can be found in great abundance in as the climate of the Spain is pretty favorable for its growth. The flower is considered as the symbol of love.

There are still lots of popular flowers in Spain but the ones mentioned above are some common and popular in Spanish culture. You can also consider Spanish rose and Spanish sunset rose by choosing best flower delivery in Spain that also offers same day delivery in affordable rates.