Khabardar-with-Aftab-Iqbal-Today-Full-dailymotion-on-Express-News-–-15th-October-2015Khabardar is comedy talk show that plays in a Pakistani private channel Express news at 11.05 to 12.00 night . Cast of the show Aftab Iqbal is hosting and other members Rubi aneem, Nasir chinyot , Agha majeed , Honey albel
Mission of this show.
Khabardar is totally Pakistani nation show they always try to aver they people about there basic needs and what’s going on in country and also what government doing wrong with some comedy tuch because people didn’t feel boring as other talk shows .

This show have 4 segments to entertainment the people they plays one song in each show from Pakistani old movies also they have a segment about the world trivial witch the give the information of different cities of the world also explain about everything like food visiting point history sports etc of that city also it have song guessing segment

Naseer bhai is the person who guess the movie and singer except after 1980 movie people’s challenge him in the show and also other countries on phone .They have also segment of a police station Nasir chinyoti act as a hanif teraa role and Agha majeed is as sub in specter honey albela is as drug addicted person hanif teraa always beat his senior Agha majeed and think he is beating they person who says him teraa because he hates this word . Teraa is a urdu word it means a person who is blind. the complete name of this show is khabardar Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal and this is Pakistani number one TV show