If you are a happy-go-lucky person, one of the prime mistakes that you can make is planning an on-spot hotel room booking in London. This gets pretty much more exasperating when you are travelling with friends. When our flight landed, it was raining cats and dogs at the Gatwick airport in the middle of July. That’s the time when almost everyone is on vacation. I was contended that another friend of mine had booked the Airport24 private cab from the airport in advance online, so we did not have to wait long.

  • THE BULGARI HOTEL: Knightsbridge:

After being guided by Google, this was where we headed and it was an excellent granite grey hotel with a luxurious spa, a pool, sauna and a health center. The bedrooms were ornamental with headboards and curtains that carried designs showing the 19th century Bulgarian brooches. But to our bewilderment the food prices were extremely wild.


the glorious scarlet theme in this hotel combined with the spectacular furniture is the main captivating feature of this hotel. Added to that, the 10th floor spa from where you can see the entire Hyde Park is another remarkable feature you would not want to miss here. And I’m sure not many wanted to miss this, because all the rooms were full.

  • CLARIDGE’S: Mayfair:

So after a whole lot of roaming around in the rain on the busy streets of London looking for some space in a decent hotel, we finally turned to our driver, McCauley, who was equally easy-going with us throughout all the hassle. He then suggested to us Claridge’s Hotel which was a five-star hotel where could actually spot a number of eminent celebrities! Gladly, we found a rooms there and they were utterly so comfortable that all of us fell asleep promptly. Later on we engaged in the deluxe roof-top spa services and that too was a lifetime experience.

If it wasn’t for McCauley, my friends and I would have spent the next rainy hours in nuisance. I highly recommend the Airport24 Gatwick airport transfers to London because they are on time; their drivers always guide you for the best and are very welcoming. Plus, the vehicles are very comfortable. You can pick from executive to simple saloon and MPV cars. Also, another thing that really intrigued me was that my phone was almost zero on battery power and we really needed the GPS on it; that is when McCauley came to my rescue and provided me with a car charger there and then! Our flight had delayed at the time of landing and to my admiration, Airport24 had already monitored the delay and thus the cab was ready for us when we got out of the airport lobby.They are available for online private cab bookings at http://www.airport24.co.uk/ and would take you anywhere you wish to go. Furthermore, they cover all airports including Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, London city and Southend airport. Their services are very low-priced and highly dependable