There is a rumor of the Chris brown interview with Hot 97’s Ebro. In this interview, his most favorite topic was the “Rihanna”, injection of drugs and his condition, and how he and drake are better than the Usher. He had opened the secrets about his past relationship with Rihanna. Chris had describes the whole story that how he made a relationship with Drake to make jealous Rihanna. Chris and Drake were the duo at the dance show and competing the Usher. They got positive likes and response from the audience.


Comments on Rihanna’s condition & drugs:

Rihanna condition: Chris Brown (Refer revealed to media that he and Rihanna had a great time together, but now we have replaced our positions. Now, we are just friends, he said that he was wrong and did mistake but he would never do it again. He loves her in the teenage but now he just sees her like a dang. Chirs is a social servant as well, and he revealed that he used to service the community and visit judge in every month.

When Anchor asked about the patch up with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna he said that: we were a cool and nice couple. I was really attached to her, losing her was a big mistake of my life. But now I am trying t bring her back in my life. I just want her at any cost. Owing to make her jealous, I show her that she is the girl that wants me and can’t live without me.

Dealing with drugs: As we all know that Chris is addicted to drugs. He revealed an incident to the media that once he had injected drugs before going on the set for shooting a video. But he was felt as sleep while shooting. He said that he was cussing the people and doing crazy activities. On the next day, he talked to the director about the shooting and he said they had already shot it yesterday. Chris reactions were shocking and damn. (Refer: )

Feelings of Chris after the behaving bad with the people: Chris realized that he should not do such thing with the people and his fans. It is quite bad thing, and he decided not to behave like a zombie. He said he will not abuse or hit the persons or do such crazy deed with them. Now, I will not make a bull impression on fans.

The reaction of the Chris brown to Oprah’s opening by the Rihanna: On asking about the opening of Rihanna to Oprah he said that I was shocked and my fans can understand how I am feeling right now. (Details on Higging) I can understand that it’s a team work and after seeing her I said that it’s ok for me, now she is showing me that she cares about me but I don’t want to say anything about it. I had moved by it and now we are a just close friend and can talk normally with each other.