Hi, guys in this topic we gonna know how to choose the best beginner guitarWe’re gonna discuss both about the electric and acoustic and I’m gonna give advice for people who have very much on a budget and not wanting to spend a lot of money at all still trying to figure out whether guitars for you or not. But I’m also gonna give some advice for people who maybe have achieved guitar at the moment and I want into thinking about upgrading.

Acoustic Guitar:

Gonna start of on the acoustic guitar because I primarily due beginner’s lessons and me therefore a lot of people for one reason or another tends to start off on acoustic guitar like myself.

I start of an acoustic guitar and kind of have had the mentality of maybe I’ll get the keys to getting our first when I was like 12 years old and reward myself with an electric guitar later. And I’ll tell you what I think about that was the end of the topic cuz I have a new theory on this now. But, on the face of it, acoustic guitars kind of all looks the same.

An acoustic guitar and has a hollowed-out body has a sound hole and they come in all different colors. So you know those so things don’t really matter this search and they do stop from about 50 or all sixty pounds. And so about 80-90 dollars and some of those guitars if you’re still not sure we’ll ever guitars for you and you just want to have a go and try out and that’s all the money that you have, there’s nothing wrong with them now it’s kind of like you know cars these days or even the absolute cheap budget ones they’re still gonna go to still gonna make a noise they’ll still be all right for you.

You’ve got a should conduct be in the mindset that guitar you might not really last more than kinda six months to a year. If you really are practicing then you know that you’re going to outgrow that guitar definitely

And as far size of guitars, they do come in full size which would be this length and three-quarters size is about here and for any child’s and below the age of about nine I’d probably say maybe get a three-quarter size acoustic guitar. But, above nine or ten just go all out and get them the full-size guitar.

In my opinion that they will get used to it and there’s no they just kinda fruit future-proof said a little bits and I that’s when I started picking up the full size get on it was absolutely fine for me seen it before I for the people as well.

With the strings, on this is a steal strong the top so the top couple at on top couple have strings kind of looked like cheese wire and the headstock looks like it doesn’t have holes in.


An electro-acoustic means that you can plug your acoustic into either record or play live. But to be honest, when you’re recording you don’t really wanna plug in your acoustic to see will sound a lot better with a microphone in front of it. And if you’re an absolute beginner probably not going to be playing on stage anytime soon and if you jump that fence when we come to it you probably gonna want a new guitar anyway.

So keep the cost down just get an acoustic guitar absolutely standard if you really like your acoustic guitar like I do and you want to be able to plug-in you can buy pickup case.

if you want a better sounding acoustic guitar no matter what the make sure you get solid top solid back and sides but you gonna push the price up a little bit for the cheaper brands that kind of offer that I’m dunno endorsed by Yamaha or anything.

Before you buy a guitar and even possibly be cheeky in going to guitar shop at trial to guitar and find it somewhere else cheaper online. It’s terrible to do it but that is the world we live in these days I’m afraid.