Many don’t know what this actually is, it is the fuzz around the antlers of the male deer which contains the growth hormone IGF-1 which is said to regenerate the growth of broken bones and cartilage. It is thought to healing wounds faster.

It has been observed that the deer has been regenerating it antlers after a fight, or lost due to various other reasons in short span of time. It is one of the few animals which can actually regenerate a whole new organ after total breakage. Hence some scientists thought this would also help humans too. Though clinical trials on humans were never made apart from lab rats, hence this drug has not been authenticated for use but found illegally for consumption.

There is along ensuing debate whether it is effective on the human body, as the genetic makeup of humans and animals vary. Since the consumption of the drug from antlers is taken orally will be that effective and actually perform the way it has on the deer. These questions are not answered yet and since there isn’t a scientific backing, the drug is banned in all sport.

Deer antler velvet is not a hoax. Though this ban not deterred many celebrities from taking the antler drug, but none have come out in the open and declared the usage. Since it has not been tried on humans and not certified by the FDA, for a particular treatment of disorder or disease in humans, it cannot be validated.

How it works:

The antler velvet spray helps to increase muscle growth and heighten libido along with other health benefits. For the drug to work, it should have high quality ingredients such as minerals, amino acids and the most important of all the IGF-1 hormone when all of these potent essentials combine then only an effect can be seen on the user.

The above ingredients are also combined with other herbal ingredients which are added to give additional benefits as mentioned on the labels of the drug. As a user these terminologies would be alien to you and you wouldn’t know and it’s better you should go on a expert opinion on this.

There are different results for each person and higher consumption of this drug will not give direct and immediate results as on the deer. It should be coupled with proper diet and exercise regimen. There are also fake products doing the rounds so the buyer has to be careful and not be misled.

The spray also provides a boost to the immune system and increases energy. This is done by cellular repair, rejuvenation and growth of the torn and injured ligaments, bones and muscles. The benefits sound so good that many body builders and get good physique have opted antler velvet spray. They have reviewed as giving them decreases the time of recovery post a work out session or strenuous exercise. An improved circulation of the blood through the production and growth of fibroblasts which help in muscle building process.

The production of collagen is used for the repair of the cartilage which has been damaged.